Job Opening templates are designed to increase efficiency by saving frequently used opportunities for repeat use in the future. They can be used for new talent recruitment, task assignment and contract re-evaluation, among other applications.

Note that Job Openings may also be referred to as Opportunities, Requisitions, or Marketplace listings.


Creating an opportunity template

Note: For you, the naming term used for Job Opening can be different.

1. Navigate to Marketplace->Job opening templates  and click on 
Add new job opening template.

2. Enter the desired information for your template: Check the checkbox for Hide or Non-editable depending on which fields you want to be visible or available in the template.  Add information in data fields - what you enter now will pre-populate each time the template is used. 

3. Click on Create Template.

4. Name the template and click Create.

Note: Templates will appear in the sidebar selection once you have 2 or more created. If only one template is created, the system will default to this option when using templates to create a job. Screenshots below.

One template created

Multiple templates created

Creating an opportunity from an existing template

1. When creating a new opportunity you will be asked to select the desired template. (If there is only one template, the system will navigate directly to the details page to enter details).

2. Enter additional details particular to the opportunity and proceed with creation as outlined here.

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