Branding your Shortlist Account

Shortlist offers the following options for branding your account:

  • Company name

  • Company logo

  • Company color theme

  • Custom URL*

  • Custom emails that include your company's logo and color theme*

Every Shortlist account can be custom branded with the customer's name, logo and color theme for no additional fee. This is done in the Settings menu. To learn how, please review the article on settings here.

*Custom branded emails and URL is included on our Enterprise plan. For Growth plans, you may purchase the custom branded emails and URL separately or they can be combined into a single package if desired. Please contact your account manager or send a support ticket to initiate this process.

Custom URL Basic Information
Your Shortlist account URL is automatically created in the following format: 

Customers also have the option to request a custom URL that is designed to match the company's main URL and drive your freelance talent to the correct location. For example: or 
Custom URL Process

1.  In order to begin the process, your Shortlist account manager will need the information below.

  • Desired custom URL

  • Company domain manager's name (this is the person who will approve certificate requests)

  • Company domain manager's email address 

2.  Once all details above are provided, Shortlist developers will produce the DNS CNAME. 

3. The customer's domain manager then creates the CNAME in their domain.

4. The customer confirms with their Shortlist account manager that the CNAME has been created.

5. Shortlist developers finalize configuration and test the desired custom URL.

6. Once the new custom URL has been tested and verified, the customer will be notified of completion. At this point, the new URL is live and should be used.
*Please take note that the process usually takes 2 – 3 weeks to be completed

Custom Branded Emails Basic Information

All emails sent by the Shortlist platform are based on a set of templates. By default, these templates have the customer's company name in the text and Shortlist branding in the header/footer areas.

Customers can request to update these templates to reflect the company's logo and color theme. This provides a more cohesive feel for internal teammates and external talent. Please see an example below:


Email features that can be customized:

  • Company logo

  • Color theme

  • Active links (support, knowledge base, terms and privacy policy)

  • Footer link (website, social media links, etc.)

  • Font

  • Some text


Custom Branded Emails Process

1.  In order to begin the process, your Shortlist account manager will need the information below.

  • Company logo with no background
  • HEX colors
  • Active links as referenced above
  • Font style (if a new style is desired)
  • Email address that emails should be sent from (ex.
  • Name the emails should be sent from (ex. company name)

2. An implementation specialist will design a sample template based on the information provided, and send you a sample for approval.

3. Once the sample is approved, your specialist will design the remaining templates and Shortlist developers will complete the final configuration for testing.

4. When testing is complete, the new emails are live for use.

*Please take note that the process usually takes 2 – 3 weeks to be completed.