Your talent profiles contain all information pertaining to a particular talent, in one central location.

Upon first glance, you'll see the following information:

The top row of tabs provides access to additional information:

  • Messages¬†- this is where you will find all conversations between your team and the talent. Once a message is sent by your team, the talent will receive an email notification with a link to the page. When they respond you will also receive an email notification.
  • Job Openings - click here to review job openings the talent has been invited to
  • Requests - this tab holds information regarding RFI's and RFP's the talent has responded to
  • Tasks & Projects - this is where you will find all the projects and tasks the talent has been assigned
  • Payments - look here to find information regarding invoices and payment status
  • Documents - agreements and tax forms the talent has been asked to complete/sign, as well as requested documents are found here
  • More Info - if you've asked your talent to complete banking and tax information for payments, that information can be found here (based on user permissions to view), as well as onboarding workflows they've been assigned.


You will be able to quickly see a sample of your talent's portfolio, and click into an image or video to see more content!

Scrolling down your screen will share more information about the talent, as well as certain actions you can take.

  • Custom fields, skills and rates - this is information your talent has been asked to provide during their onboarding process
  • Groups - a list of the groups the talent belongs to are is located at the bottom of their profile
  • Relationship managers - these individuals manage the relationship between the talent and your organization. They also receive certain notifications pertaining to the talent.
  • Worked with - this is a list of who in your organization the talent has worked with. If that's you, please add yourself!


Depending on your permission level, you can take several actions pertaining to the talent and their profile. A few examples include: