Your dashboard is where you'll manage everything you need for your client relationship. You can update your profile, manage your work assignments, track all communications with your client and manage your payments in one location.

Your dashboard is designed to help you easily and efficiently manage your client relationship. To get started, let's explore each part.

Main Dashboard

When you complete your initial onboarding, your dashboard will likely resemble the example below. From here, there is a lot of opportunity to build your profile and grab your clients attention!

Editing your profile & portfolio

Step by step guide

Step 1: Add your profile image

  • Click in the avatar icon
  • Upload your image

Step 2: Add your cover photo

  • Click on the cover photo icon
  • Upload your image
  • We recommend the cover image size to be 1450x320 

Step 3: Edit your contact information, skills and other profile information

  • Click on the Edit profile button in the upper right corner to edit your skills and profile information

  • Be sure to save when you are done, and add a portfolio if applicable
  • To edit your contact information, click on your circle avatar icon in the lower left corner and select "Settings"

Step 4: Create your portfolio

  • Click on the Edit portfolio button at the bottom of your Edit profile screen

  • Select Create portfolio

Step 5: Add your projects

  • Name your project
  • Upload video, images or audio files
  • Select the Feature this project box if you would like this project to be highlighted for your client
  • Continue to add files and projects as necessary to build your portfolio

Now your profile is starting to take shape!

To do list

Directly below your avatar image, you will be able to review your list of items that require action. If they're complete, you'll see a line through the item. Otherwise, be sure to click into the item and complete the required action.


Be sure to update your availability so your clients know when you can take on more tasks.

  • Click the Edit button below the calendar
  • Click on the start and end date of any dates you are unavailable. The dates will show red until you select the end date, and then turn white. Your client may also periodically ask you to update your availability via email or SMS notification.


The messages tab is where you'll manage all communications with your client. You will receive an email notification when they've sent you a message, which will take you to this tab for review and response. 

Your account is equipped with side bar menus to help you navigate between functions. Hovering over the icon in the left side bar will display the function it is related to. Clicking the icon will display related options. Note: if you have a pending action item in any of these functions, you will see a red indicator here.

Important note: Your client may use different labels for the items below. Please note the icon shown in each section as a reference.


In the Marketplace tab, you'll find all the opportunities you've been invited to and have responded to (note: your client may call opportunities by a different name, such as job openings in this example). If you don't see anything there yet, don't worry! You will receive an email notification when you've been invited to participate. Your client may also have a portal where they post open opportunities for all to apply to. Be sure to check out the job board tab.

Tasks & Projects

All the projects & tasks you are working on will be listed in this tab. You will be able to respond to invitations, submit your timesheet or invoice and upload project deliverables in one location!


Your payments tab gives you the opportunity to upload new invoices, review current and past invoices, monitor payment status and export past payments.

Onboarding & Workflows

This tab is where you'll find all the workflows you have been invited to. You just completed one workflow with onboarding, but your client may use a separate workflow for banking information and opportunity submissions. You can review them all here.


You will find all the agreements you've signed, documents you have uploaded and any files associated with your profile here.

Settings & bank information

You can access your settings menu by clicking on the avatar in the lower left corner of your screen. This is where you can update items such as your email address, banking information, tax information and other settings.

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