Profile custom field configuration for talent profiles in Worksuite is an optimal feature that will help you add custom profile fields in Worksuite UI by yourself.

Configuration Overview

To access the Profile custom field configurations:

  1. Navigate to your settings
  2. Select Partner custom fields

Note: Only Admins will have access to create profile custom fields.

Start by clicking on the section and a side panel will open for you to create your fields. 

Use 'Main Section' or add a new one.

Create the field you'd like with the field type, and decide if it will be visible to the talent. 

That's it! The fields created will directly show up in the talent's profile.

Tip! Don't forget to add your new fields to workflow stages.

- The fields will be available on all talent types (freelancer, candidate, business, etc.)
- To remove a value from a drop-down, reach out to
- Deleting a section will remove the fields within the section. 

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