Are you ready to take your Task & Project management to the next level? With these filters, you'll have the power to navigate tasks like never before, making your management process smoother and more efficient.

Say goodbye to the days of sifting through an overwhelming task list. Let's dive into the exciting world of the new task filters!


How to Activate Task Filters: Step by Step

  1. Go to Settings: Navigate to your account settings within your Worksuite dashboard. You can find Settings by clicking on your Avatar on the lower-left side of the screen.

  2. Access Filters: Within Settings, locate and click on the "Filters" option. This should be on the left-side menu.

  3. Task Settings: You'll find the "Task Settings" section. This is where you can enable or disable the task filters according to your preferences.

  4. Customize Your Filters: Turn on/off the filters that align with your workflow. Remember, you have the freedom to tailor these filters to your heart's desire.

Enhanced Task Filtering Under the All Tasks View

Under the "All Tasks" view, you now have a variety of filters at your fingertips. These filters are designed to provide you with more control over your task management, helping you organize your projects and collaborate seamlessly.

1. Freelancer/Talent Filter

Are you working with a diverse team of freelancers or talents? With the Freelancer/Talent filter, you can easily sort tasks based on the individuals responsible for them. This filter allows you to gain insights into the progress of tasks assigned to specific team members, making coordination a breeze.

2. Project Filter

Managing multiple projects simultaneously? The Project filter lets you focus on tasks associated with a particular project. Whether you're overseeing a large-scale project or a series of smaller tasks, this filter will help you streamline your project management efforts.

3. Start and End Date Filter

Need to meet deadlines without a hitch? The Start and End Date filter enables you to pinpoint tasks based on their scheduled timelines. Stay on top of your schedule by focusing on tasks that require immediate attention or those that are nearing completion.

4. Task Manager Filter

If you have different task managers handling various aspects of your projects, the Task Manager filter is your go-to tool. Easily identify tasks based on the managers overseeing their progress, simplifying accountability and progress tracking.

5. Created By Filter

Curious about the origins of specific tasks? The Created By filter allows you to see tasks created by specific team members. This feature is particularly handy when you need to gain insights into the thought process behind task creation.

6. Team Filter

Efficient collaboration is key, and the Team filter promotes just that. Sort tasks based on the teams responsible for their execution. This filter is perfect for ensuring that each team is aligned with its tasks and responsibilities.

7. Custom Fields Filter

Every organization is unique, and so are their needs. The Custom Fields filter lets you filter tasks based on your custom criteria, ensuring that your task management process is tailored to your specific requirements.


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