Inviting a Team Member

Inviting new internal team members to work with you in Shortlist requires just a couple steps:

Navigate to the Team Page

The team page can be located by using the dropdown menu in your side navigation bar.

Click the blue "Invite team member" button.

Enter the team members email address and select their permission level. Learn more about user permissions here.

The invited team member will get their invitation via email and will be able to update their own personal settings.

Editing a Team Member's Permissions

  1. Navigate to the team page as described above
  2. Select the desired team member
  3. Use the drop down menu to adjust Regular user to Admin or vise versa
  4. For Regular users, click on Manage Permissions to adjust their permissions

Removing a Team Member from Shortlist

  1. Follow the steps above to navigate to the team page
  2. From the team page, click on the desired team member
  3. Use the dropdown menu to select Remove the team member