Dashboards allow you to tailor your welcome screen for staff users. This simple page will direct them to specific platform actions that are relevant to their company role. Note: This option is available only to admins and not end freelancers.

Dashboards can be segmented by staff function with the creation of Teams. For example, when creating a team, you could enable a unique dashboard for analysts and another for your hiring managers.

When creating a dashboard, you'll be presented with a list of pre-defined actions already present. You also have the option to create a custom action if needed. For an action to be possible, you'll just need the URL of the module action. The button on the dashboard will link directly to that module action.

The dashboard can also be customised by including welcome note and description for the actions.

There can be multiple dashboards present but every team will be assigned to a single dashboard. While assigning a dashboard to a team, you have the option to mark the team as default. This means whenever a user is added, they will be assigned to this team.

When you've created your teams, you can navigate to the 'Teammate' tab on your settings page to add each user to their corresponding team. Each teammate can have only one team.

Based on the actions selected in the dashboard for the team, a dashboard page with the action will be available to the members of the team.

Contact your Account Manager for any questions or help you need on this feature.