In our Onboarding Workflows guide, we taught you how to create a standard onboarding workflow for your talent to go through to be in your Shortlist. 

Welcome to Applicant and New Talent Recruitment! A great way to recruit, interview, and onboard talent directly into your Shortlist.

New talent recruitment gives you the flexibility for initial data collection of candidates to be reviewed and an interview to be scheduled, prior to adding to your vetted talent.


Components of new talent recruitment

There are three components of new talent recruitment - Job Openings (often referred to as opportunities) new talent will review and submit their information to via an associated workflow, and the Candidates (new talent) who submit their information. The third component Marketplace is where you can find all opportunities and candidates.

Talent can be considered Candidates only if they submitted their information via an opportunity and have not been invited to join your list of vetted talent.

Job Openings (Opportunities)

Job openings are the opportunities you have available for talent to apply to - this can be current openings or future opportunities. 

Both new talent and existing talent can be invited to opportunities, depending on your settings. You can post them publicly for general view, privately so only specific talent can view them, and even invite specific talent to view the opening!

Job openings are a great way to collect talent information for future opportunities. Once you have a project ready, you already have the talent you need to begin!

Learn how to create new opportunities and connect the associated workflows here!


Candidates are talent that have submitted their information, but have not yet been vetted and invited to your Shortlisted talent. Candidates are vetted via the workflow you connected to your opportunity.

Adding candidates to your Shortlisted talent

Once you have a candidate or group of candidates you'd like to add to your network, you can add them in bulk by using the bulk functions in your candidates page:

Or individually, within the candidates profile:

By selecting "Move to Network" (this copy can be changed to match your needs), you will be prompted to choose what talent type they will be, as they are no longer candidates, as well as what onboarding flow they will need to go through next. 

Once moved, you will have effectively added the candidate(s) to your network!

Be sure to click the link below to learn how to add talent to tasks directly from opportunities!

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