You can create an opportunity that automatically assigns associated tasks (task templates) to selected talent. This automation frees up your team from manual tasks to focus their attention on finding the best talent for the work needed!

Customizing the opportunity workflow will share task details with selected talent, allows them to accept the task, and then finally assign the task with the desired status.

Task assignments result from designing an automated process from workflows to opportunity creation and collaborating candidate vetting within your team. Once the task is completed, you can even auto-generate an invoice to pay your talent!

Step-by-step guide

How to automate task assignment

This action must be done during the opportunity creation phase for an automatic process. However, tasks can be created manually and later associated with opportunities.

Step-by-step guide (TOC feature)

Step 1: Create a workflow that includes a Task assignment stage

  • Be sure to add notifications to internal team members if desired

Step 2: Add a new opportunity

  • Attach the workflow created in step 1

• If you don't provide Task name, the task will still be created - with the same name as Job Opening. For example, if you create a job opening providing only its name and apply onboarding workflow with "create task" action stage, the talent will still be placed to tasks.
• If you use custom fields in tasks and don't fill out mandatory ones, the task will still be created, but in Draft state - so you have a chance to fill out everything later and make it live manually.

Step 3: Add the appropriate task details in the opportunity

  • Read more about adding the necessary task details here

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