Onboarding Workflows

Onboarding workflows give you the ability to have new talent progress through customizable and distinct stages. 

 This will allow you to give a clearer instruction on what you need from them at each stage of on boarding.  Once they've completed one stage, they will be sent to the next, either automatically or after manual review. 

Here are the stages that you can add to your workflow:

Talent-Facing Stage - Add a Talent-Facing stage for all your talent to go through during their on-boarding. Below are the stages you can add:

  • Request Data - Select this stage to collect all talent information in single stage with profile, questionnaire and requested documents. Moving forward, Data Collection and Questionnaire stage will be removed and replaced by Request Data stage. Learn more here.
  • Interview* - Select this stage to have your talent schedule an interview on your integrated calendar. See Implementation Guide - Marketplace {link} for additional information.
  • Sign agreement - Choose the agreement that you would need your talent to sign during onboarding (ie. NDA)
  • Bank Details - Select this stage to have your talent enter their bank details
  • Tax Information - Add this stage for your talent to enter their tax information
  • Portfolio - Select this stage to have your talent show their work and add their portfolio. Learn more about Portfolios here
  • Information - Information stage is used to pull information from job openings as information for talent to review and accept.

*Please note that the Interview Stage is only available for Recruitment and Applicant Tracking. If you would like to incorporate Recruitment and Applicant Tracking into your onboarding processes, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact support@shortlist.co for additional information.

Internal stage: This type is visible only to you and your internal team members. Therefore it can be used to record background check information, interview questions, etc. This option is available for Request and Information stages.

Action Stage: This type allows you to automate an action within your on-boarding workflow. Once your talent enters the action stage, the actions you have set will automatically run. Below are the Action Stages you can add:

  • Set Talent Type - Automatically set the type of your talent 
  • Add to groups - Add your talent to a group automatically
  • Set Relationship Manager - Add a relationship manager automatically. Check here for more information regarding Relationship Managers
  • Send Invitation - This action will send invitation to talent.
  • Assign Task - This action will automatically assign task to the talent.

Talent can flow through the on boarding stages in 3 different ways:

  • Automatic stage (Default) - Talent will be moved to the next stage automatically once they reached 100% progress
  • Manual review stage - Choose this type if you would like to verify their responses first before moving them to the next stage

Add Request Data stage

  1. Under Stages, click on Request Data
  2. Add a Stage name
  3. Select the fields you would like to be a part of this stage
  4. Add Description and Onboarding manager
  5. Select the type of stage
  6. Set the message that will be displayed when talent exits the stage
  7. Select the profile fields/questions/document request
  8. Click Save

Add Sign agreements stage

  1. Under Stages, click on Sign agreements
  2. Add a Stage name
  3. Select the agreement
  4. Add Description and Onboarding manager
  5. Select the type of stage
  6. Set the message that will be displayed when talent exits the stage
  7. Click Save

Adding Description, managers, custom messages

Description - Add more information or details regarding the stage the talent is currently on
Managers - Assign an Onboarding Manager
Custom Messages - Define a message to be used when the talent exits the stage