Uploading an invoice and checking on payment status is easy using your Worksuite dashboard. 

Invoices can be added to your profile either by yourself or by your client, on your behalf. It is important that you communicate with you client to understand which method they prefer. The article below outlines the processes available to you when you will be uploading your own invoice for approval and payment.


Options for uploading an invoice

Invoices can be uploaded in the following locations:

  1. Directly from your dashboard in the Payments tab
  2. Upon completion of a task

Adding an invoice to your dashboard

  1. After accessing your dashboard, navigate to the Payments page
  2. Click on the Add new expense button
  3. Add your invoice details
  4. Upload the invoice document
  5. Click the Add button to submit your invoice for approval and payment

Your customer will receive an email notification when a new invoice is uploaded, so no need to worry about whether or not they've received the invoice!

You will receive an email notification when your invoice has been approved. You can also access your portal to check the status of pending invoices.

You will receive an email notification when your client has marked your invoice as Approved. 

That means it is moving through the payment cycle, they have reviewed the invoice and approved it for payment. 

Once Approved, your client will Schedule your invoice to fit into their payment cycle.

Reviewing payment status 

From your Payments page, you can upload new invoices and view completed or rejected invoices. 

Exporting payments

On the payment status page, you can click on the Export All button on your Payments page. This will provide you with a file that contains all invoices added to your account.


Have questions about downloading payment reports?

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