As an external talent, you can send a message to your client via Shortlist. This keeps all your communications with your client in one place - no more searching through emails for the message you need!

Messages can be sent 4 ways:

  1. Private message directly from your dashboard
  2. Post a message to a request discussion board
  3. Respond to a private message in your request proposal
  4. Send a message from a task

Send a private message from your dashboard

  1. Login to your Shortlist dashboard
  2. Navigate to Messages from the left side panel of your page
  3. Enter your message and click Send

When your client responds to your message, you will receive a notification to view the message.

Post a public message to a request discussion board.

Messages posted to a request message board are public and anyone invited to submit a proposal will be able to view the message. This is helpful when asking questions, since chances are others will have the same question as you.

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to Requests to access the desired request or to view all your requests.  
  2. Once you have selected the desired request, click the Public Message Board tab to post a new message or review prior messages.
  3. Clicking Post will send a notification to the request owner and other talent invited to the request. They will be able to view and respond to your message

Respond to a private message in your request proposal

The request owner can also send you a direct message in your request proposal. When they do, you will receive an email notification with a link to view the message. You can also access the message by navigating to the request in your portal and clicking on the Direct Message tab. Your private reply will then be sent to the request owner.

Send a direct message from a task

You can send a message to the task manager directly from the task. 

  1. Navigate to the Tasks & Projects page
  2. Click on the All Tasks tab
  3. Go to the desired task and click on the Messages tab
  4. Enter your message and hit the Post button

Note: When your client sends you a private message, you will receive it on your Shortlist account as well as your email. You can directly reply to the message through your email or through your account.