It is important to understand what the status of your invoices means. Please read below for an overview of your invoice status possibilities within the Shortlist platform.

There are five statuses of Payments. Below is the brief description about each of the statuses:

  • New - New payments will be in the unpaid category when you or or your client create a new invoice. This status indicates that the payment is still in initial stage and yet to be approved for payment processing.
  • Approved - Payment will be in the Approved status when your client approves your invoice. This status indicates that the payment is approved and ready to be scheduled for payment, but has not yet been scheduled
  • In-flight - Payment will be in In-Flight status when the scheduled payment has begun processing. This status indicates that the payment is on its way and will be available in your account in 5-6 working days. 
  • Paid - Payment will be in Paid status once it has been processed and should be available in your bank account. This generally happens 5-6 working days after processing begins, but can take longer if there is an issue that needs to be resolved. 
  • Rejected - Your client has rejected your invoice and you will need to make modifications prior to re-submission for payment.

For questions relating to your Shortlist account, please email Shortlist Support or visit our Knowledge Base.