A new status has been introduced in Shortlist Payments called 'In-Flight' as advancement to Payment process. 

Having payments/invoice in In-Flight status will indicate that the payment is processed successfully for the talent by the payment provider and the payment is on it's way.
If the payment is not processed successfully by the processor then the payment will stay in the 'Processing' status.

There are five statuses of Payments. Below is the brief description about each of the statuses:

  • NEW - Payment will be in New status when admin or talent creates a new invoice. The new status indicates that the payment is still in initial stage and yet to be approved for payment processing.
  • APPROVED - Payment will be in Approved status when payment administrator approves the invoices. This status indicates that the payment is approved and ready to be scheduled for payment. 
  • SCHEDULED - Payment will be in Scheduled status when administrator has scheduled it for upcoming date for the payment to be paid.This status indicates that as soon as the scheduled date is reached, the payment will be moved to processing status. 
  • PROCESSING - Payment will be in Processing status when it is sent to the payment processor for processing. This status indicates that the payment is not yet successfully processed, once processed it is moved to In-Flight status. 
  • IN-FLIGHT - Payment will be in In-Flight status when the payment is successfully processed by the payment processor without any errors. This status indicates that the payment is on its way and will be debited in 5-6 working days. 
  • PAID - Payment will be in Paid status once after the payment amount hits the back account of the recipient i.e. 5-6 working days after payment is moved to In-Flight status.

Below is the step by step process which will be followed:

Admin or talent will create a New invoice in Shortlist. It will be added with 'New' status.

Admin approves the invoice created.

The payment will be moved to 'Approved' status.

Payment is scheduled by the admin and then automatically move to 'Processing' status.

When SCHEDULE AT DATE occurs: Shortlist moves Payment into Processing State and immediately attempts to send it to Payment Processor (i.e., Qwil or PaymentRails)

Once the payment is successfully processed by the Payment Processor it will move to 'In-Flight' status. The talent will be notified with email notification saying that the payment is on it's way and estimated date of arrival.
Also, the talent can view their Payment in the 'In-Flight' bucket from their Shortlist Payment view.

Status changes from “In-flight” to “Paid” after 5 working days 0r 6 calendar days.

For questions relating to your Shortlist account, please email Shortlist Support or visit our Knowledge Base.