Job Opening statuses :

There are five statuses of Job Opening. Below is the brief description about each of the statuses:

a) Draft - Job opening will be in Draft status when it is created initially and is not made live. The draft status indicated that the requisition / job opening is not yet live for the candidates to apply.
b) Open - Job opening will be in Open status as soon as we make the job opening Live. This status indicates that the requisition / job opening is live for the applicants to apply for the job.
c) Completed - The job opening will be in completed status once the candidate hiring process is completed and the position is closed for a job.
d) Cancelled - Cancelling of the job opening will cancel it in middle of the process or as soon as the job opening is created as per the requirement of the candidate.
e) Archived - Archiving behaves similar to hiding or deleting the job opening. We generally archive the item if it's not needed to be in the system.

Job opening filters and search:

We can filter the job opening based on two parameters:
a) Filter based on Job Opening Statuses
    - This option can be used to view list of job openings will a particular status. For example, if we want to view the job opening which are in 'Open' status we can select the filter status as 'Open' to view the result as desired.

b) Filter based on Job Opening created by self
- The option of 'Show only my job openings' can be used to view the job opening created by you. To enable filter based on this we need to check a check box 'Show only my job openings'.

Interacting with job openings :

a) Adding Applicant / Candidate

   - To add applicant to a particular job opening, we can directly add through by clicking on 'View Applicants' -> 'Add Applicant'.

b) Team Board

   - Team Board can be used to share comments internally with the team mates. We can tag any of our team mate by using '@name' following the message to be posted.

Learn about Public Portals here.