Job Openings (Opportunities) are designed to streamline the process of finding the best talent for an opportunity and assigning work easily and efficiently. Take manual steps out of your day by using the full power of this flexible feature! You can quickly design your opportunity to share information with candidates, send them through a vetting workflow and automatically assign tasks to selected talent!

Note that Opportunities may also be referred to as Job Openings, Requisitions, or Marketplace listings.


Introduction to marketplace

The Worksuite Marketplace is where you will create, search and review all your opportunities and associated candidates. 

Once you select the marketplace from your sidebar navigation, you'll see that opportunities are a separate tab from candidates. This allows you to search past candidates for new opportunities or review them within the posted opportunity - whichever works best for you!

Introduction to opportunities

Opportunities are where talent will begin their journey with you and your organization. When creating a new opportunity in Worksuite, you can easily build inefficiencies that take the manual effort out of your day:

  • Predefined workflows that collect needed information from candidates
  • Standardized vetting processes that help your team collaborate quickly
  • Automatic task assignment to selected candidates

Opportunity workflows

Starting with an opportunity, talent can automatically progress through an embedded workflow. This helps you ensure you have all the information you need to manage your talent. 

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Opportunity workflows

Opportunity to task

You can design your opportunity workflow to assign selected talent to an associated task automatically. This helps your team improve efficiency and track your data throughout the opportunity lifecycle.

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Opportunity to task

Team collaboration

The team board can be used to share comments internally with your teammates. Internal team members can be tagged using the '@name' format in the message to be posted. Your candidates and talent will never see this messaging.

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Creating opportunities


Tasks & projects