Custom notifications in onboarding stages of the onboarding workflow can be used to send custom email notifications from onboarding workflow, notifying the recipients about any additional information or sending an FYI email at a particular stage of the onboarding.

Click on Add notification.

Select the recipient who will be receiving the custom notification from the list. To send to partner in this stage, select 'Partner added to this stage' and to send to team members select their names.

Customise the email by entering custom subject and content/body. We can pull any of the variables to be pulled into this custom notification including any custom fields.

To insert variables, click on Insert option on the top right.

Example: Sending a notification to facilities for building access setup. So the recipient should be Facilities member and the notification should include 'Email', Name, Relationship Manager, phone number, address.

Note: Using variables is optional. Custom notifications can be set without variables too.

The last part of configuring custom notification is to select when to send this custom notification: on partner entering the stage, leaving the stage or when stage is 100% completed.

For any queries please reach out to Shortlist support( or your Account Manager.