Onboarding workflows allow you to set up reusable workflows for current or future talent - making it easy to get agreements signed, questionnaires collected, required documents uploaded and profiles completed/updated. You can duplicate onboarding workflow and then modify them depending on your needs. 

Click on the three vertical dots corresponding to the onboarding worklow in the onboarding section to see the option to duplicate the workflow.

Points to consider:

  1. We can duplicate a complete onboarding workflow. This will retain all the information from the onboarding workflow which you have duplicated with all stages.
  2. The system will allow you to duplicate the workflow only if the workflow has the enhanced freelancer facing stage 'Request Data' and not the old version 'Data Collection'.
  3. We can remove the stages or add new stages to a duplicated onboarding workflow as per the requirement.
  4. Once the workflow is active i.e. contractor is added, it is yet possible to remove/delete the workflow.
  5. If the system is not allowing you to copy the workflow because of the old version of Data Collection stage then you have to move to new workflow which used Request Data stage and going forward this new workflow can be used to duplicate workflows.

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