Does your talent invoice for work and expenses? Look no further! 

Worksuite has the capability to incorporate itemized line items into your invoices, making it easier to review and track expenses. This feature gives you a reliable and straightforward way of categorizing your invoice details.


Introduction to Line Items

The term “line item” refers to any service or product added to an invoice, along with any quantities, rates, and prices that pertain to them. 

Invoicing Line Items is not enabled by default. Reach out to your account manager or to enable it.

How to Add a Line Item to an Expense

Step 1:

After accessing your dashboard, navigate to the Payments page

Step 2:

Click on the "Add New Expense" button at the top right corner

Step 3:

Add your Invoice details, including relevant line items

Step 3a: Adding Line Item Expenses

  1. Under the Item, section start typing your line item
  2. The fields for adding a line item is as follows:
    1. Line Item Name
    2. Category -> Work or Expenses (Food, Travel, etc.)
    3. Quantity
    4. Price
    5. Amount


As you start to add your line items, our platform will calculate the total for you.

Step 4

Click the Send Invoice button to submit your invoice for approval and payment

Step 5:

Pat yourself on the back - you created your first invoice with line items!

Click here to see how it is done in action!

Support / Resources

Have questions on line items?

Click the Help button in the bottom right to chat with our amazing Support team. We also have a full knowledge base with How-To guides and best practices for the Worksuite Platform — that's where you're at now! 

For more info on the Worksuite platform, resources, and support, please contact your account manager or reach out to 

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