Did you know that Worksuite supports your freelancers throughout the entire payments process? A high-value benefit of your Worksuite Pay subscription is leveraging our Payments Support team. We care about getting your freelancers paid quickly and seamlessly. In the event of a payment rejection/return, our dedicated support team provides hands-on assistance.

Here’s how it works: 

When a payment is sent, the receiving bank utilizes the information entered in our Bank Details Form to credit the payment to the freelancer’s personal bank account. If the information does not match an existing account, the payment is rejected and returned to Worksuite.

This is where the Worksuite Payments Support team shines! Upon return of a payment, our team receives a notification, and we reach out right away to advise the vendor to re-enter their information. 

We support your freelancers step by step through the process of correcting bank information until the funds arrive safely in their account. Depending on how quickly your vendor corrects their information, we can have the payment reissued as early as the same day!

To prevent payment disruption from occurring, we also offer support should your freelancers encounter any difficulty while submitting their bank details for the first time, for example with meeting the country-specific format for which our Bank Details Form performs real-time validation.

Our Help Desk is where we communicate directly with your freelancers regarding their personal and sensitive financial information and maintain a history of contact, with visibility across our whole team to help inform case management.

In the event that a vendor reaches out to you regarding difficulty entering bank details or payments not received as expected, please point them toward our Help Desk. They can use the Support button on any page of Worksuite or submit a request from our Help Center.

We are always ready to provide documentation to assist vendors in locating their payments and will investigate any payment delivery issues with fervor.