Onboarding Templates

You can find, add & update onboarding workflows under Onboarding. Onboarding workflows allow you to set up reusable workflows for current or future talent - making it easy to get agreements signed, questionnaires collected, required documents uploaded and profiles completed/updated.

You can create onboarding templates for different talent categories such as supplier vs freelancer or graphic designer vs IT contractor. Then, when inviting them to the platform - simply apply one or more on boarding templates to gather the required information.

Take the following steps to create your onboarding workflows!

  1. From your administrator account, navigate to the Onboarding menu in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Onboarding Workflows tab
  3. Click on the blue Create New Workflow button

You will see a window that allows you to create your own custom onboarding template.

From here you can: 

  • Add pre-defined fields
  • Select whether the field is mandatory or optional
  • Create a questionnaire (or add one from your questionnaire templates)
  • Add agreements for signature from your agreement templates
  • Request document uploads from the talent
  • Assign an onboarding manager

Selecting a field as Mandatory means that it will be counted as part of the talent's onboarding progress. Unchecking the box means that the talent have the option to provide information or not.

Requested Document

You can request a document to your external talent when they go through onboarding by clicking on 'Add requested document' under Upload documents section. 

Learn more here on how to create a document request.

Track Onboarding Progress

If you are using onboarding templates to hire a lot of new talent, you can now track your progress with this handy report that you will find in Insights.

Next Step: Assigning Onboarding Workflows