If you are expecting payment and have not yet received it, please review the information below.


Invoice Status

Payments are made based on invoice status. Read here to learn more about invoice status types.

Banking and Tax Information

In order to process your payments, your bank account details must be entered and validated. Once completed, the Bank Details page will look like this:

We must also have received your tax filing information.

Please review this onboarding article regarding how to complete your profile with bank and tax details.

How can holidays affect your payment?

Bank closures for Federal holidays may affect the standard processing time for payment delivery. You may refer to our detailed article here for additional information. 

Invoice in Paid Status - Funds Not Received

  • We have received your bank and tax information
  • Your client has Approved and Scheduled an invoice for processing
  • The invoice has advanced to In Flight status once a pay run has started and we have received your client's funding
  • The invoice has advanced to the final Paid status when we expect you to have received the funds

Don't see the payment(s) in your account?

While global payment processing does not offer visibility to senders as to whether or when funds have successfully reached a beneficiary account, we know that delivery time is typically 1 business day to U.S. bank accounts and 3-5 business days to non-U.S. bank accounts.

We normalize this 1- to 5-day processing time by indicating invoices as Paid 3 days after we receive your client's funding and payments are on their way to you. The Paid status reflects our expectation that you have received the funds.

This means your invoice may be marked as Paid before or after the funds actually reach your account!

If your invoice has been marked as Paid and you do not see the funds in your account:

Please use the Support button on any page of your Worksuite profile, or submit a request at the top of any page in this Help Center, to reach our Payments Support team for assistance with your payment(s).