Shortlist can offer guidance on payment status for accounts that process their payments through the Shortlist platform. 

Invoice Status

Payments are made based on invoice status. 

Approved - Once an invoice has been marked "Approved", the invoice will be processed based on the pay cycle associated with your clients account. 

Paid - The invoice will be marked as "Paid" once the payment has been fully processed. Please note: Due to bank processing times, payment will be deposited into your account 1-3 business days after the invoice has been marked as Paid. 

You are able to review all invoices, regardless of status from your dashboard. They will be separated into "Unpaid" (New and Approved invoices), "Paid" and "Rejected" (your client will use this option if there is an issue with your invoice).

If your client does not process their payments through our payment service, please contact the client directly for more information.