We have introduced a new workflow for assigning task to your contractors via Requisition. It’s designed to give help you standardise the process of procuring work inside of your organisation, with less effort for your end users.                                    

Below is the step by step process:

Configuration of Information and Action stage in Onboarding Workflow:

  1. Navigate to Shortlist and click on Onboarding.
  2. Set up the onboarding flow depending on you business case where you want to assign task on completion of initial information. or at the beginning of the onboarding. Let us assume the freelancer should be automatically assigned task on completed of initial information and signing agreement.

    Information stage can be used for the freelancer to review the requisition and task information and accept on his end. There will be no option to reject. Action stage will automatically assign task for the freelancer.
  3. Also, freelancer can ask question by using 'Message' section during the information stage review.

Create Requisition:

  1. Navigate to Shortlist and click on Marketplace.
  2. Click on 'New Job Opening' to create a new requisition.
  3. Fill in the Requisition form in the similar way, just to add to it you can now fill in the task form too with same fields as in the standard task form.
  4. Now, the Requisition is in draft status. Add candidates to the requisition. Note: Here, you can add multiple freelancers for the same task. After adding candidates, make the requisition Live.
  5. This will launch the requisition workflow for the freelancer which will ultimately create Task at the end.NOTE:
    • If you don't provide Task name, the task will still be created - with the same name as Job Opening. For example, if you create a job opening providing only its name and apply onboarding workflow with "create task" action stage, the partners will still be placed to tasks.
    • If you use custom fields in tasks and don't fill out mandatory ones, the task will still be created, but in Draft state - so you have a chance to fill out everything later and make it live manually.

On Finishing Onboarding:

  1. The task will be automatically assigned to freelancer on finishing the onboarding. (Requisition View)
  2. This is how it will look from the freelancer view.
  3. The task automatically generated will also be visible in Tasks & Projects similarly how it's visible when created manually for the freelancers.
    If you have any questions or want to set this up, please reach out to you Account Manager to assist setting this up for you.