You can manage the full payments lifecycle in Worksuite. You have the flexibility to take advantage of some or all of the features available to you - read below to learn more!


Overview: Invoicing & Payments

Introduction to invoicing & payments

Worksuite helps you manage and track all payments related to your external talent. You can customize options and processes to fit your business needs. While you can use the platform to simply track invoices, there is a great benefit to using our Worksuite Pay system to manage all payments and even your end-of-year 1099 process!

Customize your process

Minimize questions and manual tasks by customizing your process in account settings.

  1. Custom rates - customize the rate currency and types available for tasks & invoicing
  2. Invoice forwarding - configure new invoices to be forwarded directly to your finance department
  3. Collect bank & tax details - securely collect this information during new talent onboarding

Invoice management

Invoices can be uploaded by your talent or generated internally when timesheets, tasks, and milestones are approved.

  1. In talent profiles - invoices can be uploaded by talent, directly from their dashboard
  2. In tasks - completed & approved milestones and tasks prompt the user with the option to generate an invoice based on the agreed-upon rate
  3. In timesheets - timesheet approval will prompt the user with the option to generate a payment

Payment options

Make your talent pay run process seamless with Worksuite Pay. Or if you choose, you can track invoices in Worksuite and process your own payments outside of the system - the choice is yours!

  1. Worksuite Pay - when you use Worksuite Pay, we will take care of processing all your approved invoices, and can even take care of your annual 1099 tax form processing.
  2. Invoice management - approved invoices can be sent to your external system for processing
If you do not currently use Worksuite Pay and would like more information on how to begin, please reach out to or your account manager.

Talent communications

Worksuite helps you automate payment communications with your talent.

  1. Invoice approvals - the system will automatically send an email notification to the talent when their invoice has been approved.
  2. Invoice rejection - if you have the need to reject an invoice, you can add a personalized note so the talent will understand the reason for rejection and can correct it.

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