Thank you for being a Shortlist payment customer! In this article, you'll find answers to our most common issues related to payments and the resolutions to them.

1. Cannot click on Next button: If any of the mandatory fields are left blank, it will not allow to proceed further. Please fill out the required fields and the next button can be clicked.

2. Bank information page not loading: In this case, try using a different browser and make sure you're on a computer instead of a mobile device.

3. Preference to not enter Bank username and password: You can use the Add Bank Manually feature.

4. Bank Branch details unknown: You can use Google to search the Bank Name & Branch location to get the Branch details. 

5. Routing Number unknown: Using Bank Name, use Google search to find Bank routing number.

6. Details around current bank account details: 
Reach out to 

7. Bank Account type not valid: For Savings, try entering SVGS or SAVINGS (in all CAPS) and for Current, try entering CACC or CURRENT (in all CAPS).

8. Banks that don’t have Routing Numbers: Use BIC/SWIFT Code in the Routing Number field. 

For questions relating to your Shortlist account, please email Shortlist Support or visit our Knowledge Base.