Each Job Opening will now display your candidates within an embedded Onboarding Workflow. The new UI provides you an inclusive workspace to allow your team members to take action and view your hiring process directly within a Job Opening. 

You no longer need to switch between Job Openings & Onboarding Workflows to screen & manage your applicants. 

To enable embedded onboarding workflows within your job opening, simply select the workflow you'd like to use when creating a Job Opening. 

As users navigate to a Job Opening, they'll be presented with the onboarding stages along with the number of candidates in each one. This reference area can help your team members identify points of friction in the onboarding process. Scrolling further down the page will show users the names of current candidates in each stage.

You can perform all the same actions as you would within the Onboarding Workflow module without ever leaving the Job Openings page.