Opportunity workflows allow you to set up reusable workflows for current or future talent - making it easy to get agreements signed, questionnaires collected, and tasks assigned through workflows.

This provides you an inclusive workspace to allow your team members to take action and view your hiring process directly within an opportunity.

You can pre-configure custom workflows to be part of every opportunity you create. The workflows ensure you gather the correct information from candidates and follow a consistent procedure for reviewing applicant information across all your opportunities. This automated process frees up your team from manual tasks so they can focus on other initiatives!

When configuring your opportunity workflows, a stage can be added so selected talent will automatically be added to associated tasks. This is set so only selected talent will move to this stage. Read more below!

How to add workflows to opportunities


Step 1: Create workflow templates

  • Navigate to the onboarding tab in your sidebar navigation
  • Click on the blue button to create a new workflow

  • Build your workflow - read more here
Be sure to add the following:
Send invitation action stage as the first stage, so invitees automatically get an invite
Task assignment action stage if you would like to automatically assign tasks to selected candidates.
  • Save the workflow for future use

Step 2: Create a new opportunity

  • Read here to learn about this process
  • Add the workflow template created in step 1 of this guide

Step 3: Set the opportunity live

  • Candidates will automatically flow through the workflow

  • Your internal team will be notified if there is an action for them to take

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