Talent tiles are where you are able to get a quick overview of your available talent. Tiles provide great information at a glance, so you can find the best talent quickly!

Talent can be found in two locations:

  • My Shortlist - this is where vetted talent can be found, searched and filtered
  • Marketplace - this is where you can find talent that have responded to publicly posted opportunities, but have not been invited to your approved list of talent. Talent in this location can also be searched and filtered.

Talent tiles

Talent tiles contain a wealth of information in an easy glance view. Each item is discussed in detail through linked articles or throughout this article. Let's review the profile example below:

  • Talent type - this talent is a Freelancer, as indicated in the upper right corner
  • Smart status - the talent has fully onboarded, as indicated by the green check mark beside her avatar.
  • Availability - at the bottom of the tile, the green icon indicates the talent is available, and the date it was last updated
  • Location - the talent is located in the United States
  • Average review rating & general rank - the average of 5 starts is listed below the avatar. The rank is indicated by the medal icon in the upper left corner
  • Groups they are a part of - this talent is organized into the Photographers and Videographers groups

Talent Type - Talent can be organized into different types within the Shortlist platform. For example, freelancers, businesses, etc. You have the option to customize these terms to fit your particular needs.

Smart Status - Status indicates where the talent is in the invitation and onboarding process.

  • Not invited - this will be indicated by a grey button symbol

  • Invitation pending - if the talent has been invited, but has not yet registered, this will be indicated by a yellow clock symbol

  • Not onboarded - the talent has not yet begun the required onboarding workflows

  • Onboarding underway - the talent has not yet completed all onboarding workflows assigned to them. This could be because they have not completed the initial onboarding, or because a previously assigned workflow has been updated to require more information.

  • Fully Onboarded - the profile status updates to 'Fully Onboarded' in the below situations.

  • If there are no required onboarding workflows and the freelancer registers, the status will update to fully onboarded.
  • If there is one or multiple required workflows and the freelancer is in the 'Finishes' stage of the workflows and has completed the onboarding then the status updates to 'Fully onboarded'.
  • If a required workflow is updated to optional, then the freelancers who were having status as 'Onboarding underway' because of that workflow for them the status will set to 'Fully onboarded'.

The profile status of the freelancers can change from time to time based on the progress in the onboarding workflow or the updates made to the properties(optional/required) of the workflow.