Once you receive your invitation to join Shortlist, you will need to set up your account and preferences.

Navigate to the Settings screen

The settings screen can be located by clicking on the initials at the bottom left.

Personal Settings

In settings, press Personal Settings to set up your profile.


Add your basic information, select your time zone and time/date format, upload your profile picture and set your password.

Account Settings

Update your organization's time zone here.

Company Profile

Customize the theme of your account and update your organization logo in the Company Profile tab.


This is where you update the look and feel of your public portal page, where talent can find public projects and talent pools. Learn more about your portal here.

Partner Ranking

Customize the terms used when ranking your talent - simply click the Edit button to enter your own terms or adjust the number of ranks available. Learn more about ranking your talent here.

Custom Rates

Previously, the only rate we supported was Hourly Rate. We displayed it on the top of Partner's Profile and in the sidebar. But we wanted to allow users to create new rates, choose a default one, and then use these rates when creating Tasks.
This setting can be done by navigating to Settings -> Custom Rates.

Learn more about custom rates here.

Adjust the level of access your internal users have to different parts of the system. Learn more about user permissions here.

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