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March 2020 Platform Updates

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.


New Features:

  • Content tab - Video, Text Area, PDF added in Request Data stage of onboarding. Learn more...
  • Introduced Task Calendar which gives users a calendar view of all the tasks to help them in project and tasks management. Learn more...



  • Tasks tab on Job Opening to display all tasks from various projects
  • Display relationship managers on Vendor's dashboard
  • Content tab available in Information Stage of Onboarding workflows
  • 'Project name' fields added in Information Stage and available to pulled
  • Workflow fields added to Information stage
  • Mapping of Job Opening fields to agreement templates
  • Agreement setting to have a default value populated if field is empty and doesn't ask vendor to fill it
  • Contextual configuration for agreements

Bug Fixes:

  • Addresses an issue with date picker adding +1 day in Add Payment and Add Requests
  • Fixes issues with not possible to add task with range today only in Start/End Date
  • Addresses 500 error when marking task as completed
  • Fixes issue where password set during registration doesn't work when applied through Job Opening
  • Addresses issue in proceeding forward with agreement stage if Stage Locking is enabled
  • Fixes problem with Quick Actions cutoff on 'My Shortlist' Profiles
  • Addresses issue with no character limit set for Job Opening title, which allowed user to enter too long name
  • Fixed issue in IE where Mobile phone number cannot be saved if is mandatory

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