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November 2020 Platform Update

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.

New Features:

  • Display resume in Onboarding - new tab in side panel


  • The Shortlist team can now Resend Verification codes to on-boarding vendors with unverified email addresses.
  • Update on labels and statuses in the sign Sign Agreements stage - will not display 'waiting for others' if the document isn't multi-signed, and labelling statuses of an agreement as "Processing" until it has been confirmed as signed.
  • Expose 'Task Creation Date' in Zapier


  • Fixed issue with Job Order list not displaying in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed issue with Requisition Description not appear in PDF summary
  • Fixed Issue with side menu displaying 'Dashboard' when navigating back to My Shortlist
  • Fixed issue with sending messages in the side panel
  • Fixed the issue wherein the 3-dotted button (for bulk action) disappears when all vendors are selected.
  • Admin and vendors are now able to download an agreement completed by a vendor
  • Fixed the scroll function for Projects -> task -> Add manager
  • Fixed Checkr integration: return URL does now gets passed from Checkr back to Shortlist

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