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April 2021 Platform Updates

This month's development sprint includes the following improvements and bug fixes within the Shortlist platform.


  • Updating text to improve language visibility
  • Enhance the way payments are generated via Task
  • Added IMDB and TikTok icons to social media fields
  • Improved the payments option when generated via Task

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when submitting a proposal that required a message, but it is an optional field
  • Fixed error when certain variables not being sent within the notifications email
  • Fixed error when Approver and approver email was not displaying on the report export
  • Fixed error when the user can view the file but unable to download it
  • Fixed error when the talent was unable to remove document
  • Resolved bug when a talent of a different worker type registers, it loses the parent Staffing Supplier
  • Resolved bug when skills from freelancer were not carried over to next onboarding stage
  • Fixed error when Approver and Approver Email do not appear in Payments export from the platform
  • Resolved bug when a regular user is assigned as the Task Manager, they can see a file but can't download it
  • Fixed bug when the system is making the 'Message' field mandatory while submitting a proposal, but in actuality, it is optional.
  • Resolved bug when behavior from invoices sorting function by freelancer is incorrect
  • Fixed bug when after editing a new invoice, the approved button is missingĀ 
  • Resolved bug when a sending message from a buyer via RFI Request was not being sent
  • Fixed bug when the Proceed icon did not appear within a manual onboarding workflow
  • Fixed bug when the Generate payment option doesn't take into consideration taxes in line items
  • Corrected the positioning of the tax column in the generate invoice pdf