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August 2021 Platform Updates

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.

New Features

  • Timesheets: Improvements to AM/PM capabilities
  • Timesheets: Enhanced security for Timesheet Approvers so they cannot edit a timesheet
  • Timesheets: Made Task names appear text rather than links for guest timesheet page
  • Timesheets: AM/PM validation - User cannot submit timesheet if inputed incorrect value and clicked 'submit'
  • Archive Partners Directory: Enhancements to search by an archived partner
  • Checkr: updated in-progress to accurately depict when a talent is going through their screening
  • Onboarding Notifications: Revamped appearance and they are now more visible - all default notifications are displayed in a Stage edit mode, and you can remove or edit them.
  • Added  simple status changes for a candidate in a Requisition without a Workflow
  • Enhance payments environment terms
  • Enhanced Job boards to be more accessible

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the creation of a payment when the module did not accommodate the currency of the Task
  • Fixed pop-up message from his to their when removing a teammate from the platform
  • Fixed Checkr: When background check endpoint returns it appears as 'not-started'
  • Resolved when sending a List where the portfolios within the list would not load
  • Resolved the JobOpening summary when the last stage is completed with a green indicator
  • Fixed error when an external approver can view the 'approve/reject' button even though a timesheet is no longer available
  • Resolved bug when a regular user can edit an approved payment
  • Resolve bug when vendor has completed onboarding but progress info is empty
  • Fixed error when rescheduling payment from side panel not logged in audit trail
  • Resolve bug when multiple skills displayed not from new line
  • Resolved the color scheme of the default button when the background became purple with black text instead of white
  • Fixed a typo error when an apostrophe was used
  • Resolve when an error message is not being displayed to buyer when timesheet status is changed