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October 2021 Platform Updates

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.


  • Vendors have the ability to edit and resubmit a payment that was rejected
  • Added location filter for public portal pages


  • Fixed issue for Freelancer view > Marketplace > My Job Openings - Freelancer gets 404 when trying to enter Canceled job opening
  • Resolved the job opening creation when it does not have a onboarding workflow and that a candidate can be hired even though they are already in the system
  • Fixed issue when the list of managers is not displayed after hovering the cursor over "+"
  • Fixed issue for wrong footer positioning of public portal page
  • Fixed dashboard actions - add job opening action does not show parameters, when dashboard it is not showing the updated settings
  • Resolved bug where all vendors weren't being selected to be added to a onboarding workflow
  • Resolved bug when start date wasn't displaying correctly on a job opening
  • Fixed bug when editing a payment the correct worker wasn't displayed